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Meet your new wellness coach

Hi, I'm Clare, a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast. As a child, I enjoyed sports and performing on stage, valuing my appearance.

In 2012, I became a professional singer with Carnival Cruise Lines, where the production team's revealing attire led me to develop disordered eating habits. I tried numerous diets and quick fixes to achieve the elusive "skinny" look.

Eventually, I decided to invest in myself, learning about a healthy relationship with food and proper fueling for my active lifestyle. Overcoming those early struggles, I now understand how to nourish, energize, and train my body effectively.

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Why you can trust me with your health

My personal journey inspired me to help others on their health and fitness journeys. With extensive industry experience and a background in teaching at New Zealand's Institute of Sport, I've successfully guided many students towards success in the health and fitness field.

I'm passionate about educating others on living a longer, healthier, happier life through enjoyable exercise and nourishing foods. At Healthy by Clare, I offer various coaching techniques and programs for optimal health. If you need motivation, support, or accountability, I'm here to help in a positive and friendly environment. No diets or quick fixes—just healthy living because life is meant to be enjoyed.

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