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My Fitness & Nutrition Packages

Let's discover if my services will suit your needs - no obligation.

During our 15-minute call, we can discuss your goals and health concerns to determine which program is right for you. This call is completely free of charge.

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Join the Results Based 6 Week Shred


New Year Results Based Bootcamp

6 week Shred: $299 +gst OR

Weekly Payments of $65+gst


Take the first step towards your wellness transformation. Benefit from a flexible payment plan that includes 6 weekly payments of $65 following your initial deposit. This gives you access to 6 week shred, with all its tailored workouts, customised nutrition plans, and consistent support. 


Four week No-BS Bootcamp

  • Winter No BS Bootcamp: $399+GST (Full Payment)

Commit to your wellness this winter and take advantage of the full payment option. Join my Winter No BS Bootcamp, a 4-week intensive program that offers customized workouts, a tailored nutrition plan, and continuous support and motivation. Dive into this transformative journey today.

My Fitness Based Programs


Personal Training Weekly

1-hour consultation: $85.50+GST

Weekly 30-45min session: various

Get personalised attention with a 1-hour consultation followed by weekly 30-45min sessions. We'll work together to develop and refine your fitness goals, tailoring workouts to your needs.


Online Programming

  • Beginners programming/at-home/at the gym: $ (enquire)

  • Individual programming & nutrition $ (enquire) 

Experience the convenience of online coaching. Choose between beginner programming for at-home or gym workouts, reviewed monthly, or opt for individual programming with nutrition support.


Personal Training 2x Weekly

1-hour consultation: $85.50 GST

Two 30-45min sessions per week: (various)

Double up on personal training with two 30-45min sessions per week. We'll kick off with a 1-hour consultation to discuss your fitness goals and design a customised program for faster progress.


One-off 4-week Gym Plan

  • 4-week Gym Plan: $79.99+GST+ consultation fee 

Looking for a short-term fitness boost? Try my one-off 4-week gym plan. I'll design a customised plan to help you kickstart your fitness journey or break through a plateau.

My Nutrition Based Programs


PT & Nutrition Plans

1-hour consultation: $80+GST

1-hour nutrition consult: ongoing prices

Combine personal training and nutrition coaching for a holistic approach. You'll receive a 1-hour consultation and review and a 1-hour nutrition consult and review. We'll create a balanced plan that complements your workouts.


Nutrition Coaching

Let's work on your eating habits to achieve sustainable results. Choose from Lifestyle and Habit Nutrition Coaching with a 16-week minimum term and monthly check-ins, Ongoing Nutrition Coaching with a 12-week minimum term and bi-weekly check-ins, or specialised coaching for clinical patients.

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