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Personalised Health & Wellness for mid-life Women

Achieve Your Health Goals with Healthy by Clare

Welcome to Healthy by Clare, where I'm devoted to empowering women aged 35+ to take control of their health. I help mid-life women rectify any health/ hormonal challenges that prevent you from feeling healthy fit and strong and allow you to sail into 40, 50 and beyond!

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Empowering Women to Prioritise Health & Embrace Positive Change

At Healthy by Clare, I believe that taking care of yourself should be a top priority. As women, we often put others first, neglecting our own health and well-being in the process. That's why my programs are designed specifically for mid life women who are ready to prioritise their health and make long-lasting, positive changes in their lives.


With a focus on clinical nutrition and various fitness programmes, I provide a supportive and empowering environment where you can feel confident and motivated to achieve your health goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, boost your energy levels, or simply feel better in your own skin, I'm here to help you every step of the way. My services can be either in person if in Auckland or remotely via video call + online programming. 

I now service clients through-out New Zealand and Australia.

Transform Your Lifestyle with Personalised Nutrition & Fitness Programs

My services are designed to help you make long-lasting, sustainable changes to your lifestyle, focusing on a holistic approach to health and wellness. Each offering is carefully crafted to suit your individual needs and goals, ensuring a personalised experience that delivers results:


6 weeks to get serious results! Nutrition, meal plans, fitness all in one all you need to do is follow the plan and watch your body be transformed!

My clients smashing their goals

Image by Danielle Cerullo

"I wanted to improve my relationship with food and educate myself on the best foods to fuel my body to reach my goal- fitting into my wedding dress! Clare provides a simplified program that encourages you to take accountability for your nutrition and what you're choosing to fuel your body. She's not judgmental or intimidating and makes the process fun!"

- Avella Collopy

Book a Free 15-min Introductory Chat

Begin Your Journey to a Healthier, Happier You Today

So, if you're ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you, I invite you to explore my services and book a free discovery call today. Let's work together to make your health a top priority!

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Your Trusted Nutrition Expert

Trust me to guide you on your health journey with my extensive qualifications and experience. As a Registered Clinical Nutritionist with CNA (Clinical Nutrition Association) and a Certified Sports Nutritionist, I also hold diplomas in Sports & Exercise Nutrition and Advanced Nutrition. With certifications in Adult Tertiary Teaching and Fitness, and 9+ years of industry experience, you can count on me to support you in achieving your wellness goals.

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